Wednesday, August 24, 2011

HG G30 RX-78 - Darth_Andrea


I went ahead and assembled the HG G30 RX-78, no stickers or decals, not sanded or painted, paint coming next week. Just a test assembly to make sure I had everything and everything fit.

You can see where I used the Grey Gundam Panel Liner Marker on the head face and thighs. That was just a test to see the color and how they work. (Never used them before) And I think once I paint I'll use black paint to do the panel lining. I don't like the Grey and I want hard lines on it, and the black will show up better. May even use enamel for the lining so when I clear (gloss) top coat it the panel lines will pop.

Also on a related note, we got a announcement today of the next mobile suit in the Beginning line. A Variant of the Beginning G.

HG 1/144 Beginning J Gundam (Release Date: Dec 2011, Price: 1600 yen)


  1. Good lord man look at those nubs!

  2. Well like I said I had not sanded it for painting yet. I'm going to do some painting Monday. And I will post a Update with pics on my process there and what paints I am using.

    This will be a custom paint job. Not doing standard finishes or Anime Colors. Though I am keeping the color scheme, mostly.