Sunday, August 21, 2011

GN - OOOO OO Gundam

Wow, lots of  "Os" in this title.  This is the 1/144 scale HG version of the OO Gundam

The second Mobile Suit for Setsuna.

This was a fun kit to make but I had some issues with it.

 This is another first for me, the first steps are on the information page. I rarely see that.

 Here comes the first problem I came into. These two clear parts obviously fit into the sides of the head, but I could not fit them in there, they are not on my kit now.

 And this one might be a personal problem, but the stickers for the "v" fins did not stick on at all so for the final product I removed them.

So overall, This is a good and sturdy kit. If you like OO, you'll obviously like this kit.

More updates to come soon!

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