Monday, December 5, 2011

New Shipment 12/5/2011

Hey ya'll! Sorry for the no replies (as if I have any followers xD)

My computer died in October and I just got around to getting a new one! So look out !

Here is one of the new kits I got in the mail today! I'll be building it soon!!(after I get a new panel line marker) 
Here is a few shots of the box. Lovely box art once again. You can see Titus tearing through a UE suit. I believe it might be the Gafran unit.
 Side 1 shot
 Close up of Side 1. I like how they add the frames to the side. It's an nice technique.
The close of of Side 3 is picture of the model using one of it's signature attacks "Beam Lariat"

Here is side 2 and 4 they look the same. 
 Here are the parts

 You could see Titus in the Opening of Gundam AGE since episode one.

How did Titus come about? As most of you AGE watchers know, the thing that is special about AGE is the AGE System. Gundam AGE has the ability to scan battle data and make new weapons for AGE to use. DOTS Rifle was made to pierce the armor of the UE suits and Titus was made after a battle with the new UE suit Batqo.

After AGE-Normal was badly damaged it was re-fitted with Titus to combat Batqo's heavy armor and great defense

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