Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Updates and new models

So I haven't updated awhile, and I know no one reads this so I can make this as LONG as I want. (But I won't)

Anyways, I have not been buying many kits because I'm trying to save up for supplies and such. I bought the wrong airbrush so now I need to save again to buy a airbrush/air compressor combo pack.

Anyways here are some of the kits I got. I wont be building them until more of my supplies come in.

This post will be highlighting one of my favorite Mobile Suits RX-78NT-1 or Gundam "Alex"

Why do I like Alex? You'll find out later.

Here are some shots of it, Sloppy panel lining I know, my Gundam Marker split on me.I am going to try doing black enamel panel lining in the future.

Pretty decent kit, but I wish I had my sand paper while I was building this.

Now, Why do I love Alex? d'uh, Gatling gun arms

I love Sniper Gundams and Gatling Gun Gundams, like Heavy Arms

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